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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Outdoor playpen being built for three bears

PrideRock staff Jim and Corey prepare to remove a huge
tree stump from a tractor to Coco's platform.
Rowdy, Coco and Toro, three North American black bears, were rescued by PrideRock Wildlife Refuge in Terrell Texas January 2016. They were raised in captivity in a sanctuary environment but had to be relocated due to the closure of the sanctuary. If the bears were not relocated, they would have faced euthanasia. So PrideRock came to the rescue, built a new enclosure specifically for the bears and gave them a new, peaceful home. Phase II of the enclosure is to build an outdoor play pen where the bears can be bears: their habitat will consist of pools, trees, platforms and plenty of room to romp around. We are beginning Phase II and thought we might want to see our progress. The PrideRock staff is anxiously awaiting the day Rowdy, Coco and Toro experience their all natural play pen for the first time.
New bear pen at PrideRock
PrideRock Operation Manager
Corey Allison spray down
the outdoor enclosure for Coco
Yes, its tall. Probably about 18 feet tall. The metal beams have been installed,
soon the fence goes up, and the pools installed. Be patient bears, we're working
as fast as we can.

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