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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tigers, tigers and more tigers

Can you name more than two species of tigers? It might be difficult especially since some species are extinct or bordering on extinct. Here they are: Siberian, Bengal, South China Tiger, Sumatran Tiger, Malayan Tiger, Indochinese Tiger, and the extinct species, Bali tigers, Caspian tigers, Javan tigers and Golden tigers. And perhaps you didn't know that tigers and lions can mate and produce offspring. The offspring of a male tiger and female lion are called tigons and offspring of a male lion and female tiger are called ligers. If a ligers is breed to a lion, their offspring are called li-ligers.
Extinct Golden Tiger
What dangers do tigers and other big cats face today? Hunting and poaching. Many of the traditional Chinese still believe that tiger parts can be used for medicines like pain killers and aphrodisiacs. Tigers also face habitat destruction, polluted environments and those who believe wearing a tiger pelt or chuba is a status symbol. Today, fewer than 2,500 breeding tigers are in the wild. In Asia, tigers are in the top 5 big game animals. Tigers do not purr but make a noise called a "chuff" which is a low-frequency, short puffing sound. Tigers are carnivores, which means they eat raw meat, and they are said to be noctural (active at night) but many are crepuscular (active at dawn and dusk). Like a human fingerprint, each tiger has a different stripe pattern and can be used to identify one tiger from another. If a tiger should lose its hair, the stripes can still be seen on the skin.
Can you tell the difference between Nallah (above)
 and Nikki (below) by looking at their stripes?

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