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Friday, August 12, 2016

As happy as a cat in a brown paper bag

Ball of yarn (yarn really doesn't make good cat toys).

Toy mouse for domestic cat
Many of us have cats that like to play with toys. The plastic ball that rolls on the floor, the fuzzy mice, the ball of yarn (not good for cats to play with by the way. The fibers come off and choke the cat or creates a ball in their intestine), a brown paper bag, house key ring or the bird on a string. But...what about lions, tigers and cougars?  What do they like to play with?

Enrichment for wild animals in captivity is very important. It keeps their mind sharp and occupies their time. Here at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge the cats receive various types of enrichment almost every day. But their toys are a little bigger than a toy mouse or ball of yard. They play with old tires, jolly balls of any size and cardboard boxes. They also like to swim in pools, soak in a tub of water and even play with other cats. Yes, cats love to play. PrideRock is always in need of toys for our lovable kitties. If you would like to donate a toy to PrideRock, bring us your old plastic jugs or balls, old cardboard boxes, gallon jugs or go to They have a large variety of wildlife toys to keep large cats busy for a long time.
A cougar playing with a rubber ball and a watermelon.

A tiger investigating an old tire.

We hope you enjoy these photos of the PrideRock cats playing. They are free everyday to do whatever they want. So they roll around, play dead, beg for attention and pretty much behave just like a house cat. Although, domestic cats don't much like water. These guys, love water and stand their ground to not have to share their pool or bath tub.
They also like to play dead, have their ears and chin
scratched and be lazy 20 hours out of 24.
Give them plastic barrels, or constructions
 cones and they are as happy as a cat 
in a brown paper bag. 
Oh no, we can't make a brown paper
bag big enough for these guys!

Word of advice: never try to take 

away a tiger's toy!

Tigers love to splish-splash in the tub.

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