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Thursday, August 4, 2016

PrideRock Volunteer Makes Cast of Lion Paw Print

PrideRock Wildlife Refuge volunteers do more than just clean. Sometimes they think of something unique and fun to do. Like Kelly Moore who found a perfect paw print of African lion Diego while cleaning his enclosure. She decided to make a mold of it to add to her shadow box of animal souvenirs including a bird nest made of lion mane and a few lion and tiger whiskers. First Kelly dug out all the hair, leaves and other unwanted items out of the print. Then, Kelly made a very thick plaster which had to be stirred for quite a while until all the lumps were gone. Then she poured the mold inside the paw print, let set for about 30 minutes and then pulled the mold out of the print. And then Kelly pulled off the pieces of the mold that were on the edges and not part of the paw print. And then, a perfect mold was made. We hope it looks great in Kelly's shadow box.

Diego's paw print

Plaster paw print cast

Adding plaster into the paw print to hopefully
make a nice paw print cast.
Kelly Moore's shadowbox were she will
display Diego's paw print cast.

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