At PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, providing a permanent sanctuary and shelter for mistreated and unwanted lions, tigers and cougars is our guiding mission.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

PrideRock Landscaping

A concrete lion sitting
on a log surrounded by a bed of rocks.
Although PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is not open to the public, the owners, Carol and Gary Holliman, keep the grounds in perfect condition. The grass is mowed and edged on a regular basis, the leaf litter and tree debris is raked and burned on a regular basis and the decorations are pretty amazing as well. All of the residents have a name plate on their enclosure and many tiger and lion decor surrounds every enclosure.

Enjoy relaxing on the yellow sing in the center of all the action.

PRWR gates out front decorated for Christmas.
A variety of plants and trees adorn the facility grounds and many paved stones and rocks make it easy to walk from one area to another. And, yes, there are areas - the Tiger House, Tiger Country, the Lion's Den and the Bear enclosures. Each with their own trees and tree bedding, plants, fence decorations and comfy places to sit.

PrideRock has many comfy chairs and swings to sit and relax.

The "N" Sisters name plates hanging
 on their enclosures.

On your break, day off or just out for a stroll, one can always find a resting place at PrideRock - maybe it is the hammock near the dog enclosures or the chairs by Leo and Cleo and Pharaoh and Allie, or a comfy swing over by Helena the Hyena.

Lion statue at PRWR

PRWR is also adorned with many tree signs saying "Lion Crossing," "Akita Crossing," "Tiger Crossing" or maybe "Forever in My Heart," honoring those that have lived and died at PrideRock. But wherever you go and whatever you see, you will always get the feeling that PrideRock, its mission, what is done here on a daily basis and its animal residents, are loved by owners, staff and volunteers alike. 

Many tree signs can be found at PrideRock.

"Forever in My Heart" sign hangs at the enterance to the tiger enclosures as a remembrance to those that lived their lives and died at PrideRock sanctuary.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bears touch soil for first time

What a monumental and wonderful day it was for PrideRock staff and the three bears. Rowdy, Coco and Toro were saved from euthanasia in January from a closing sanctuary. PrideRock had only a few months to raise enough money to build three enclosures and finish them before Christmas. But we did it and then began Phase II - constructing the outdoor play pens. Again, we raised money, hired a construction crew, planned the layout and worked furiously to finish. We all anxiously awaited the day we could watch the bears take their first step onto soil. The bears were a little hesitant at first but by the end of the day where running, swimming, and touching nose-to-nose for the first time.
Needless to say, the PrideRock staff was thrilled, proud and overwhelmed with emotions.
Coco, splish-splashing in the pool for the first time in her life.

Toro, our shy bear, took a dive in the pool first. Coco decided to follow Toro and Rowdy is still apprehensive about the new liquid. Coco and Toro touched noses first and then Coco and Rowdy followed. The next morning, Coco ran in and out of her tube, going around in circles as if she had found the best toy in the world.
Toro checking out her new platform
All three bears thoroughly sniffed their hammocks, logs, and platforms, but so far, can't figure out what they are for or how to get on them. We'll post photos of them relaxing in their hammocks when as get them.
Toro discovering a ball.

Rowdy, tearing at the log tree in his play pen.
The PrideRock bears are special and fortunate. Not only did they escape an untimely death, but they ended up at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge which makes the animals a top priority and spares no expense to make the animals as happy as the can be. Rowdy, Coco and Toro are now enjoying the fresh air, soft soil on their feet, climbing tree logs and swimming. PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is blessed to have these three bears and know it is a rare privilege to share their lives with them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cool big cat wallpaper

 If you have an Android phone, you can download an app titled Zedge which will allow you to download all kinds of stuff like ringtones, photos for wallpaper and much more. Recently, I wanted to change my ringtone, so I downloaded the lions roaring ringtone. So then I thought, how about some wallpaper? This is what I found. 


Thursday, September 15, 2016

PrideRock in the news

PrideRock tiger Kashmir cools off in a tub of water.
The photo landed itself on the Dog Days of Summer on Channel 5 NBCDFW August 3.
This fantastic photo was taken by amateur photographer and PrideRock volunteer Annette Creekmore.

Did you know PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is often in the news? PRWR and its staff, interns and volunteers have been on TV, in the newspaper and featured in many magazines and Internet sites. The sanctuary has so many interesting and unusual events happening, that many media sources want to spread the word about what we do here. Our Operations Manager Corey Allison has been featured on several videos and just this month, PRWR's white tiger Nia was on Animal ER on the Nat Geo WILD channel and Teel Time's Teel Lunsford was on-site filming for her YouTube channel and Internet site PrideRock has also been featured in the Terrell Tribune, Terrell Living, The Monitor of Cedar Creek Lake, the Terrell Tribune Update, Kaufman County Life and Neighbors, a Dallang News Morning News publication, to name just a few.

The cover of Terrell Living Magazine January 2009.

And during all the hot weather, Kashmir found himself included in the photos for Dog Days of Summer while soaking in his water tub with his eyes closed. 
If you would like to read past articles about PrideRock, go to our In The News page.
And stay tuned, because you never know when PrideRock will be in the news again.
White tiger Nia was featured on Animal ER Sept. 10.

Teel Lunsford (right) came to PrideRock Wildlife Sanctuary to film
the animals for her YouTube channel
and Internet site

Thursday, September 8, 2016


Nia, a white Bengal tiger, taking a bubble bath in her waterfall tub. She was so relaxing that I had to call her name over and over again just to get this half, uninterested look.

Nia's bubble bath at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.
When I was offered a job at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge in Terrell, TX, as their Media Relations Specialist, I had no idea what this new job would bring my way.  I've been at PRWR now for a little over 4 months and can honestly say this is the best, most coolest job I've ever had. Now, I don't say that lightly because in the past, I have worked at Disneyland caring for livestock, I've owned a wildlife education service called The Creature Teacher and I've rescued sick and injured seals and sea lions and released them back into the wild. I've had a lot of cool jobs over the years. But never have I seen a white Bengal tiger taking a bubble bath with its eyes closed without a care in the world. And never had a heard lions roaring and calling to one another from inside my office. When I park my car everyday, I see lions, bears and tigers, playing, resting and being what they were meant to be. And everyday I park that car I am amazed my job allows me to see African lions and other wildlife up close and I am allowed to share in their lives.

Sammy making himself comfortable on my papers and computer.
I love having him with me in my office.
Sammy sleeping in an empty feed bowl for a tiger.
And I can't forget my office buddy, the PRWR companion, Sammy. He lays on my paperwork, computer, and chair, when I need the papers underneath him. He also creates a line of zzzzzzzzzzzzzz on the computer if I don't catch him before he starts randomly hitting the keyboard. I have always wanted an office pet and it has great benefits. Statistics show having an office pet makes employees work harder, enjoy their work more, improves attitude and reduces stress. Sammy sleeps in odd places - places that are too small for his 20 pound body, but he makes it work and is always entertaining. But the cool animals aren't the only reason why I like my job. I get to talk about PrideRock and all the good work it does. I get to promote our mission and spread the word about why big cats don't make good pets. And what amazes me most is the lengths Carol and Gary Holliman go to to make PrideRock a peaceful environment for all the animals and doing what needs to be done to make sure they are happy and healthy. From building new enclosures, taking animals to the veterinarian when needed even if that means an expensive surgery and building outdoor enclosures for animals that have always lived on concrete so they can now feel the earth beneath their feet, these animals get the best of care. Carol and Gary also make sure their staff members have everything they need to do their job efficiently and correctly. They treat their staff with respect and honestly, and frankly, that says a lot and goes a long way to keeping employees for a long, long time.

PRWR has only four employees, but paid or volunteer, our staff makes everything work and chips in to get the job done. They work however many hours they have to in order to finish the day knowing they accomplished everything that needed to be done. All of us, including the owners, have a fun and relaxed camaraderie and help each other out in business and personal life situations.

I never imagined working at a wildlife sanctuary. I drive an hour to get here. But every day is different and some days don't have words to describe them. For an animal lover like me, seeing a tiger with bubbles hanging off its whiskers and chin or watching an animal paint on a canvas,  is enough to make me smile for days.

Monthly feed bill, $1,500; building a new enclosure for three bears, $50,000; watching a tiger take a bubble bath, PRICELESS.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PrideRock rescues tiger Sept. 4, 2016

PrideRock's newest rescue, Big Mike.
On Sept. 4, PrideRock staff rescued a 7 year old tiger from a private owner due to his aggressive nature. "Big Mike" weighs nearly 700 pounds and spent the his first days sleeping in his den. Mike ventured out this morning, Sept 7, and spent the day enjoying the sun, lounging in the dirt and looking around his new surroundings. Big Mike is definitely a handsome boy and PrideRock staff is sure to fall in love with him in no time!
PrideRock Operations Manager Corey Allison keeps
 Big Mike company for a few minutes after
coming out of his den.
Big Mike enjoys sunbathing and adjusting to his new environment.