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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Bears touch soil for first time

What a monumental and wonderful day it was for PrideRock staff and the three bears. Rowdy, Coco and Toro were saved from euthanasia in January from a closing sanctuary. PrideRock had only a few months to raise enough money to build three enclosures and finish them before Christmas. But we did it and then began Phase II - constructing the outdoor play pens. Again, we raised money, hired a construction crew, planned the layout and worked furiously to finish. We all anxiously awaited the day we could watch the bears take their first step onto soil. The bears were a little hesitant at first but by the end of the day where running, swimming, and touching nose-to-nose for the first time.
Needless to say, the PrideRock staff was thrilled, proud and overwhelmed with emotions.
Coco, splish-splashing in the pool for the first time in her life.

Toro, our shy bear, took a dive in the pool first. Coco decided to follow Toro and Rowdy is still apprehensive about the new liquid. Coco and Toro touched noses first and then Coco and Rowdy followed. The next morning, Coco ran in and out of her tube, going around in circles as if she had found the best toy in the world.
Toro checking out her new platform
All three bears thoroughly sniffed their hammocks, logs, and platforms, but so far, can't figure out what they are for or how to get on them. We'll post photos of them relaxing in their hammocks when as get them.
Toro discovering a ball.

Rowdy, tearing at the log tree in his play pen.
The PrideRock bears are special and fortunate. Not only did they escape an untimely death, but they ended up at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge which makes the animals a top priority and spares no expense to make the animals as happy as the can be. Rowdy, Coco and Toro are now enjoying the fresh air, soft soil on their feet, climbing tree logs and swimming. PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is blessed to have these three bears and know it is a rare privilege to share their lives with them.

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