At PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, providing a permanent sanctuary and shelter for mistreated and unwanted lions, tigers and cougars is our guiding mission.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

PrideRock Landscaping

A concrete lion sitting
on a log surrounded by a bed of rocks.
Although PrideRock Wildlife Refuge is not open to the public, the owners, Carol and Gary Holliman, keep the grounds in perfect condition. The grass is mowed and edged on a regular basis, the leaf litter and tree debris is raked and burned on a regular basis and the decorations are pretty amazing as well. All of the residents have a name plate on their enclosure and many tiger and lion decor surrounds every enclosure.

Enjoy relaxing on the yellow sing in the center of all the action.

PRWR gates out front decorated for Christmas.
A variety of plants and trees adorn the facility grounds and many paved stones and rocks make it easy to walk from one area to another. And, yes, there are areas - the Tiger House, Tiger Country, the Lion's Den and the Bear enclosures. Each with their own trees and tree bedding, plants, fence decorations and comfy places to sit.

PrideRock has many comfy chairs and swings to sit and relax.

The "N" Sisters name plates hanging
 on their enclosures.

On your break, day off or just out for a stroll, one can always find a resting place at PrideRock - maybe it is the hammock near the dog enclosures or the chairs by Leo and Cleo and Pharaoh and Allie, or a comfy swing over by Helena the Hyena.

Lion statue at PRWR

PRWR is also adorned with many tree signs saying "Lion Crossing," "Akita Crossing," "Tiger Crossing" or maybe "Forever in My Heart," honoring those that have lived and died at PrideRock. But wherever you go and whatever you see, you will always get the feeling that PrideRock, its mission, what is done here on a daily basis and its animal residents, are loved by owners, staff and volunteers alike. 

Many tree signs can be found at PrideRock.

"Forever in My Heart" sign hangs at the enterance to the tiger enclosures as a remembrance to those that lived their lives and died at PrideRock sanctuary.

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