At PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, providing a permanent sanctuary and shelter for mistreated and unwanted lions, tigers and cougars is our guiding mission.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

PrideRock rescues tiger Sept. 4, 2016

PrideRock's newest rescue, Big Mike.
On Sept. 4, PrideRock staff rescued a 7 year old tiger from a private owner due to his aggressive nature. "Big Mike" weighs nearly 700 pounds and spent the his first days sleeping in his den. Mike ventured out this morning, Sept 7, and spent the day enjoying the sun, lounging in the dirt and looking around his new surroundings. Big Mike is definitely a handsome boy and PrideRock staff is sure to fall in love with him in no time!
PrideRock Operations Manager Corey Allison keeps
 Big Mike company for a few minutes after
coming out of his den.
Big Mike enjoys sunbathing and adjusting to his new environment.

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