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Friday, October 14, 2016

Some benefits of having an office pet

Sammy (Samson)
Statistics show being a pet owner has many emotional and physical benefits which can improve a person's health. Those same benefits apply to having an office cat or dog but many offices and corporations do not allow owners to bring their pets to work or obtain a pet to stay in the office. PrideRock has an office cat named Sammy (what kind of cat sanctuary would we be without rescuing a domestic cat for the office?). 

So let's start off with the benefits:
  • lowers blood pressure and other stress-related ailments 
  • improved morale
  • reduces employee absenteeism (by bringing pet to work)
  • encourages employees to get exercise
  • increases productivity
  • makes time pass quicker
  • hard to get angry or agitated when a cute pet is around
  • entertainment
Now, are there any disadvantages to your health? If you are allergic, then an office pet may not be a good fit. 

Good things about pets in the office: cats purr, puppies play all the time, you can teach them tricks, when you have one else to talk to, they are there.

Drawbacks of an office pet? Yes. (However, the benefits far outweigh them). Let me show you some photos of Sammy so you get the idea.

Look high
and everywhere in between

Cats love hiding
from humans
and low...
 Cat takes over YOUR stuff


Be prepared, cats:
  • steal paperclips and anything else not bolted down
  • will unroll anything on a roll (toilet paper, paper towels
  • shed
But, on a scale of 1 to 10 (highest), we rate having an office cat a 10! 
WARNING: We are talking domestic cats or dogs, not lions, tigers and cougars. Wild cat species do not make good pets. Even PrideRock does not allow the big cats in the office.

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