At PrideRock Wildlife Refuge, providing a permanent sanctuary and shelter for mistreated and unwanted lions, tigers and cougars is our guiding mission.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Sammy with a toy underneath his back scratcher
PrideRock staff doesn't like to see any of their animals feeling neglected, so we try to spoil them as much as possible - especially Sammy - no, he is not a tiger or bear, he is our office cat. And he is a true attention HOG!! He gets plenty of food, has plenty of toys, sleeps where he wants and still...he begs for attention. Samson was found by our Operations Manager Corey Allison who brought him to PrideRock. Sammy soon made himself comfortable in the feed kitchen and doesn't miss an opportunity to dart out the door when he thinks he has a chance of making it to the outdoors. Here are some photos of Sammy's "rough" life at PrideRock Wildlife Refuge.

Sammy laying on top of a box of stuffed animals
Sammy laying in a purse
Sammy hinting he is hungry
Sammy watching the wifi guys
in a box they just emptied
Sammy not realizing whatever is in the pan
gets fed to the tigers and lions
Sammy taking over the office desk
Relaxing underneath a shade tree on a nice day
Sammy even helps us promo our fundraisers
Sammy sleeping on the lap of the
PrideRock Media Relations Specialist
Robyn Wheeler

Again, Sammy in a box

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