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Monday, January 16, 2017

When One Door Closes

Rajah, arrived January 14, 2017

Java arrived November, 2016
It is said that when one door closes, another one opens. Or you may have heard, when something bad happens, something good happens too. That is the case with PrideRock. In December, 2016, PrideRock lost two cats within three days. Mia, our 29 year old lioness and Jamu, a 16 year old tiger. Mia, died of old age and Jamu had a softball-sized tumor around his heart, which, of course, we had no way of knowing until after he died. We also lost a third cat, Golden, in January. Golden was one of three tigers given to us by ExxonMobile after they quit using live tigers in their advertisements. She died of pancreatitis, which we were treating.

With all the loss, PrideRock could use some good news. In comes Rajah, a two-year-old ex-circus tiger. PrideRock already rescued one of his mates in November, Java. In the summer, Java's brother, Bo, will also be arriving.

Death is inevitable. No matter how much we love our cats, their time comes too. Our newcomers, I'm sure, will give us just as much joy as the old-timers so we welcome them with open arms while living with our memories of those who have passed.

RIP...Mia, Golden and Jamu. Hello to new faces.


Jamu, with her brother Kashmir

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